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Books by Bernard Perry /

“IRAN – LIFTING THE VEIL”. Exclusive photographs revealing an intimate and realistic picture of contemporary life and culture in Iran today. Published in London by Pureprint.

‘THE MANY FACES OF CHINA” –Photographs that pull back the curtain and show you people and places Americans seldom, if ever, see when they visit China.  Portraits of the rarely photographed Naxi Minority people of Southwest China; tea with the Master Gentleman in one of Hangzhou’s most exclusive private clubs; morning exercise with the Dancers of Beihai Park in Beijing; a stunning series of intimate photographs of the Immigrant Community of Shanghai; a private tour  inside China’s huge Volkswagen plant, testimony to the country’s industrial prowess.

“ISRAEL & JORDAN – The People and Their Faith”. How the three great monotheistic faiths – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – attempt to co-exist  in a country the size of New Jersey. Scenes from the contentious West Bank; Orthodox Jews deep in prayer  at the Western Holy Wall; a baptism in the Jordan River; panoramic photographs in Jordan of  Wadi Rum and stunning ancient Petra.

“ICELAND – Land of Fire and Ice”. Photographs of smoldering volcanoes, slow-flowing glaciers, huge spouting geysers, immense waterfalls, rugged majestic mountains – all take you on a personal journey
to one of the world’s most awesome landscapes on  the edge of the Arctic Circle.

“AFRICA –The Adventure of a Lifetime” --  A photographic exploration of the Tanzanian Serengeti at the time of the Great Migration. We also travel deep into the Bush to photograph a sunrise game hunt with the Chief of the Hadzabe, Africa’s most primitive Tribe..

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